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Fenestella is a 22x28 water mixable oil painting. 

Fenestella means little window. This painting looks very much like stained glass. I love stained glass. Tiffany lamps. Colored bottles. When I look at this painting I imagine myself climbing through the colors. 

This is my second water mixable oil painting. A new medium I am planning on working with more. 


Music is very much part of most of my art. 
Here is some of the music I played while painting this piece. 

Silver Lining by Erik Reno

Just Look at You by 369

Flowing by Lucas Delphy 

Hidden Chambers by Marlee Tuaine 

Golden by Clear Blue Skies 

Atlavik by Hugar 

Collapse Into Light by Evin Iris 


Signed by artist on back.

Note included from artist.