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I painted Constance back in 2019 and I submitted her in an artist call for the city of Goodyear. Covid arrived in 2020 and the exhibit went online. Most galleries shut down but eventually they started online and virtual reality exhibits. Constance was my first face painting that I did on canvas. I usually only draw faces digitally on an iPad and print it on fine paper. 

Constance never got to hang inside on the wall and like most of us she was kept inside a box. Hers was a computer. Her energy never felt. The feelings I felt and what was on my mind when I painted this was never written because Covid depression took over and creating came to a stop.  

Art for myself is never the same in VR. I prefer museums and galleries to stand in front of a painted piece and feel the energy from the artist. Feel the emotion that possibly the artist was feeling and maybe walk away with their own interpretations and feelings when looking at it. 

Now with Covid slowly becoming something that we live with I am back to creating and putting Constance online for purchase. It feels nice to be free. Return to life. Below are the songs that I felt the most emotion while I spent time with this piece.


Anthem by Emancipator

Me and Armini by Emílíana Torrini

Mea Culpa by Enigma

Lebanese Blonde by Thievery Corporation (Symphonic Version)



20x24 canvas water based oil painting.