Body Politic 18x24

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Body Politic:

This painting was originally something else. If you look closely you can see the yellow, white and black line pattern going across the back of the melting colors. The original painting reminded me of static and electricity. I wasn’t fully liking the original painting and I set this aside for awhile. One afternoon I felt like painting over it. When I was finished I looked at it and thought it felt cold and chaotic. I couldn’t stop looking at it though. Especially the yellow. Yellow can represent cowardice and deceit. 

I started thinking about how much the world is a mess. Politics is now so emotional. No one uses their head and no one listens to rules. Just their feelings. Everyone is just falling apart and letting go of their freedoms so blindly and freely. In some cases being lazy and slow moving when it comes to change. Government messing with people’s emotions and replacing empathy with apathy. 

Black framed 18x20 acrylic on canvas

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Song: Keep Me by Elliot Ziegler