Morning After

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I wasn't sure what the title or description would be for this piece. A photograph of a rope. A bed. My camera and a bunch of emotions racing through me. 

While looking through my photos and digital art from the weekend I heard the song by Duran Duran : Save a Prayer and instantly felt connected the song and how I felt while taking this photo. 

Attraction to someone can be a restless feeling. Tied up in the feelings. Save a Prayer...for me.



  • 18 x 12" Watercolor Bright White Paper
    • 1/2" Extra Border Added
  • Frame: 
    • Standard Black 
      • 22 x 16"
  • Single Mat: Off White 
    • 22 x 16" (window: float print on top)
  • Glazing (Acrylic Glass): Premium Clear
  • If you don't want to float the print on the top please contact us for changes at 
  • Only one print available.
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